My Three year old has recently been asking me to do Yoga. She has a very limited attention span (like most 3 year olds) so I knew my Yoga videos would not cut it. I did some browsing through YouTube and found Cosmic Kids Yoga.

The instructor Jamie tells stories while moving through multiple yoga poses. My daughter and I did Frozen and Moana. AND she loved it! Each of these videos were 30 minutes. She lasted 15 minutes of the Frozen video and was then in out for the last half. She wanted to do the Moana video right after but just sat on the floor and watched.  I was very pleased and surprised to find something this creative that my 3 year old responded to while being active (at least for the first half). She truly enjoyed it and I love that we got to do it together.

On the Cosmic Kids website they have a section of videos ranging from under 10 min to about 30 minutes.

And, with all the YouTube watching that goes on with toddlers (at least mine) you can add the YouTube channel to your list, you may just find your kids doing Yoga on their own!