As a personal trainer I work with so many women of all different shapes and sizes. I would have to say one item that is most important to all of these women is a good sports bra. The bra will not only give your ladies the support needed to complete your exercise comfortably but also protect your breast from sagging.

Breast are made up of fat. If they are bouncing around in your workout you can be causing damage that will not have them bounce back.  This can result in soreness, pain and sagging. The right sports bra will reduce movement. And trust me there are good supportive ones out there. Even for my ladies with larger breasts.

My favorite ones come from the brand Moving Comfort. I have been wearing this brand for years before I had children.  After nursing 2 babies my breasts need some good support! Something else I love about them is that they are totally nursing friendly!

So stop buying your sports bras as Small, Medium and Large. Our breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. Let’s support them the right way!