Playground Workout

Now that the nice weather is FINALLY here there are less excuses for not exercising.  Like all busy moms I know it is hard to find time for yourself. So how about following your kids at the playground? Actually playing with your kids will not only burn calories but build muscle too. Our little ones are quite flexible, strong and have great endurance. Just keep up with them and you will be sure to get a great workout!

But, if you are in need of some ideas of what to do check out this playground workout for busy moms!


The music to move you

Update your playlist to keep your workout fresh and fun. Find songs that have a fast tempo to keep you moving. Although sometimes even a slower song that speaks to you will help you push through your workout. “Till I collapse” by Eminem has always been a song to help me dig down and push through a though workout.

Can’t think of any songs? I’m sure you will find something you like on this list.

Stay fit with friends

Next time you are making plans with a friend instead of going to lunch why not go for a hike. Walking is great exercise and gives you plenty of time to chat and catch up with your friend. Hiking is also a great alternative for a play date with your littles.

Don’t know a good spot to go for a walk or hike? Try one of these…

Norman J Levy Park – Merrick (FREE) – This park is on a large hill with water views, a fishing pier, fitness trail, goats and roosters.

West Hills County Park – Melville ($13 per car) – Enjoy the wooded trails, picnic area, playground and dog run. You will also see horses and don’t forget to visit Jayne’s Hill, the highest peek on Long Island.

Massapequa Preserve – Massapequa (FREE) – Made up of 432 acres you can enjoy biking and hiking trails as well as fishing and nature walks along the lake and stream.

Sands Point Preserve  – Sands Point ($10 per car) – Has 6 marked trails for hiking including wooded trails, open fields and a pond. Kids will love the dino trail complete with dinosaur footprints!

Avalon Park and Preserve – Stony Brook (FREE)  The park has multiple terrains including wooded trails, a pond, wildflower fields and labyrinth.

Fuel your body – pre-workout foods

Eating the right foods before your workout is essential to helping you push through even the toughest exercises. We have to remember that food is fuel for body and is not our enemy. Providing your body with the right fuel (food) will help you increase your performance. Even if you are not an athlete performance is importance. When you are able to push through the last 10 minutes of your cardio or complete your last set of squats, you are building strength and endurance. This will help you burn calories to shed those stubborn pounds and build muscle to help you sculpt and tone your body.

Check out this list and keep it handy to fuel your body for your next workout.



Lose 10 lbs – No Diet Required

We have all seen the ads for fad diets “lose 10 lbs in 3 days”. And many of us will try to follow one of these so called miracle diets because we all want a fast fix. The problem is if we do happen to loose that much weight that fast, we will also gain it back just as quick.

It is safe to say you can reasonably lose about 1 pound a week. This is a slow and steady pace that once the weight comes off you should be able to keep it off. While there are many factors that contribute to weight lose, there is also an actual mathematical equation to loosing weight.  Let me break it down for you.

3,500 calories = 1 pound

3,500 calories x 10 pounds = 35,000 calories

So, too loose 10 pounds you will need to loose 35,000 calories.  To loose this weight at the rate of 1 pound per week for a total weight lose of 10 pounds on 10 weeks you will need to create a daily calorie deficit.

35,000 calories/ 10 weeks = 3,500 calories a week

3,500 calories/7 days = 500 calories a day

The daily calorie deficit you will need is 500 calories. This calories deficit can be met by…

1. cutting back 500 calories from your diet

2. burning 500 calories a day in exercise

3. combining exercise and cutting calories

I think the most successful option in option 3. You can cut 250 calories a day and burn another 250 calories in exercise. A great way to track the your calories in and calories out is food journaling and fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor.

Now that you know the math create a plan to set yourself up for success.


Exercise Makes Me a Better Mom

Even though I have always enjoyed exercising I find it more important and needed now than ever before. And it is not just cause I am getting older. I feel that exercising helps me be a better mom. It makes me feel good that I accomplished something for myself, I am a great example for my daughter and it helps me stay fit enough to chase after her and play with her on the playground.
We all (including me) have excuses. But what if we turned the excuses into reasons.
I’m Tired
So am I, my 2 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night! But when I exercise it gives me energy to get through the day.
I don’t have time
Make time! All you need is 30 minutes. You can start with just 10 minute intervals. You can also hire a trainer to come to your home and train you *wink*wink*. I always feel accomplished the more I get done in day, add exercising to the check list.
And in case you need more reasons as to why you should exercise check out the article in this link.