Hi I’m Erika, Long Island native, mom and ACE  certified personal trainer. Ever since middle
school I have had a passion for fitness and exercise. I love learning new exercises to challenge
myself and helping friends and family stay motivated to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
I spent years commuting into Manhattan working in the fashion industry. Finally, I decided
that I needed a change. I decided to take my passion for fitness and turn it into a career.
After having my daughter in 2015 my time was extremely limited.  I needed to get creative
just to find 30 minutes to workout. I thought I must not be the only mom struggling to
find some balance. This sparked the idea for BFit Long Island. I became an ACE certified
Personal Trainer and developed a 30 minute full body workout program to be done right
in the comfort of your home.
Hi, my name is Diane I’m a native Long Islander, a Mom and a NASM certified Personal
Trainer. Fitness is my passion and with that passion I want to help and empower woman
to realize it’s never too late or you’re never too old to start living a healthy lifestyle.
A late bloomer to the fitness game, I once was the trainee struggling on that roller coaster
ride of losing and gaining weight, trying to find a balance of maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
And one day I decided to put myself first, which understandably so, we as Mom’s neglect to
do. From that day on my whole life changed and I never looked back. Never in my wildest
dreams did I think at 52, I would be in the healthiest place I have ever been in my life, or
that I would be a certified personal trainer.
I am excited at the opportunity to share my experience, passion & knowledge with all women
and I am hoping I can be an inspiration to them to believe in themselves. We as women are
powerful creatures, and our bodies can stand almost anything, its our minds we have to