“For years I’ve been trying to workout. Gyms never had convenient times or child care. I’m a mother of two and needed to find my energy back to keep up with the kids and the house. Erika definitely helped me. Love that she comes to you and doesn’t mind that the little ones are around. My 1 1/2 yr old thinks she’s her friend. That’s how nice she is. It’s been six weeks and I’m loving the change in my body both physically and mentally. I have so much energy and I now love to workout. I look forward to the days I meet with Erika and the days I don’t I can hear her telling me to at least give it 30 min of my day. That’s all it takes to make a difference.

Carla from Levittown

“I’ve been working with Erika for a few weeks now and I’m so happy I decided to call her. She not only specifies each workout to your precise needs but she’s motivating and encouraging in a way that really works. On top of it all she comes to YOUR HOUSE! I mean, if you’re anything like me the toughest part about working out is actually just getting to the gym, she cuts that tough part out and makes it super convenient by coming to me.
I can’t recommend her enough!!!!!”

Markella from Bellmore

“I highly recommend Erika for so many reasons. As the FT working mom of a toddler, she is just what I needed and more. My personal preference is working out with trainers or in group settings, but my schedule could not accommodate the extra time of getting ready and driving to and from a class or gym. With every intention of starting a program on my own or even via an online community, it just wasn’t happening. Erika has been the perfect answer to my schedule and childcare dilemmas. Not only does she offer the amazing convenience of traveling to my home, she provides just the right combination of challenge and encouragement. She pushes me in every workout to help me reach my goals, all while coaching me toward proper form. I felt like the Tin Man those first couple of weeks but she made me feel proud for taking the next step in taking care of my body. No shame. No judgment. I needed that TLC and positive energy to help me get back on track. Erika is beyond professional and always looking for innovative ways to expand and improve her services. Not only will she meet you in your home, she offers access to your personalized workouts via her secured website. Above it all, she brightens up our home every time she’s here. My 2 year old is always so excited to “exercise with Erika!” I love that he has been able to witness me doing something positive for my health.”

Cari from Bellmore

“I really wanted to start exercising but couldn’t find the time to get back out of the house to the gym after I got home from work. Erika makes it easy… when she shows up at the door there is no excuse not to stop what I’m doing and do something for myself.  She changes up the workouts all the time keeping it interesting.  Whenever I think I can’t do it, she motivates me to get it done.”

– Beth from Bellmore


“I needed to start exercising again, but didn’t want to join a gym. That’s when I found B.Fit. I get a whole body workout in 30 minutes, in the comfort of my own home. Erika keeps her routines interesting with an array of quick sets of exercises. She’s enthusiastic, motivated and keeps me moving!”

– Sharon from Bellmore


“As a mom of two little ones, I have little time to myself, let alone time to exercise. With BFit Long Island, I’m able to get a fun and effective workout done in my own home… WITH my kids around. I dont have to worry about getting a babysitter, which is huge!! Since Erika is also a mom, my kids love when she is around and Erika is so patient with them (since at least one of them is usually around during my sessions). Training with Erika has been such a positive experience. She is motivating and creates challenging workouts that use muscles I didn’t even know I had! I’ve exercised on my own in the past, but having her there with me makes all the difference, especially since I only have a limited amount of time to workout. When I want to stop, she helps push me to keep going… even when my legs feel like jello 🙂  I feel stronger and have more energy after our workouts… so thank you, Erika!”

– Valerie from Bellmore


“I’ve been working with Erika for 3 months and I am getting stronger with every session. She is helping me to improve my energy level, balance and flexibility.  Her friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to learn how to improve my health.  She makes each work out creative and most importantly, fun! She also reminds me to correct my form and to breathe and relax with each exercise.  I started out with one session per week and now doing two as I look forward to working out with her.  Thank you Erika for keeping me motivated.”

– Annette From Lindenhurst, NY


“I’m turning 50 in July and always wanted to run a 5K ,although I never ran in my life it has been on my bucket list for a while . And I also wanted to get in better shape. The pounds some how creep up over the years lol .

Finding Erika was a blessing  . She has shown me so many different ways to get my legs strong for my up coming run . The movements that she has me do ,targets so many muscles ,I didn’t even know I had . I love her fresh positive attitude . She pushes me when I want to give up . She gives me so many different tips on how to reach my goal . Her guidance and encouragement has made me want to cross this finish line even more ! Thank you Erika”

Tina From Bethpage