Even though I have always enjoyed exercising I find it more important and needed now than ever before. And it is not just cause I am getting older. I feel that exercising helps me be a better mom. It makes me feel good that I accomplished something for myself, I am a great example for my daughter and it helps me stay fit enough to chase after her and play with her on the playground.
We all (including me) have excuses. But what if we turned the excuses into reasons.
I’m Tired
So am I, my 2 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night! But when I exercise it gives me energy to get through the day.
I don’t have time
Make time! All you need is 30 minutes. You can start with just 10 minute intervals. You can also hire a trainer to come to your home and train you *wink*wink*. I always feel accomplished the more I get done in day, add exercising to the check list.
And in case you need more reasons as to why you should exercise check out the article in this link.