So often when people are focusing on getting fit they focus on carido and strength training. The important and forgotten element is flexibility.

There are many benefits of flexibility training that will help improve your everyday life. Reduced back pain, injury prevention and lower stress levels are just a few of the positive side effects.

To improve your flexibility you don’t have to practice yoga (although yoga is a great way to increase flexibility. You can find some beginner moves here).  There are other options. You can try foam rolling for instance.  If that is not for you some other options include a static or dynamic stretching routines.

I like including dynamic stretches as part of my warm up and cool down. I save the static stretching strictly for cool downs as it is best to stretch your muscles once they have been warmed up.  I try to dedicate at least 1 workout a week to yoga. But some days I also enjoy doing a quick yoga sequence (10 minutes) in the morning or before bed. Stretching out my muscles helps me relax and release tension before sleep. Foam rolling is great to incorporate after a workout or on recovery days. I always have my foam roller in the living room and will just break it out when watching TV if I feel some tightness.

Try them all and see which flexibility training suits you best.