Having an event to train for is a great way to kick start your fitness, boost to your current fitness program or an active way family bonding opportunity.  The Good Vibes 2017 tour is a 5k color run that is coming to Eisenhower Park June 10th. You can register for the race here.

If you have never heard of a color run, it is like a big party including getting blasted with colored powder at various points of the race course.

The Color Vibe 5k will be a lot of fun and a great event to do with your family or friends. But it is only 3 weeks away. So here are a few tips to train for this 3.1 mile race.

  • start a running 4 days a week
  • alternate running and walking intervals
  • increase your run time every 2 days by 1 minute
  • include 2 days of cross training
  • listen to your body and rest when you need it

For some additional resources and training programs on how to train for a 5k check out these sites below.

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