Everyone likes recognition for a job well done. Staying committed to an exercise program and hitting your goals should be rewarded. However, these rewards should come without extra calories. Same goes for other aspects in life. Often we reward ourselves and our children with food. And more often than not the food choice is not a healthy one.

Here are some ideas to reward you, your friends and family that are not food related.

  1. Manicure
  2. Pedicure
  3. Massage
  4. Facial
  5. Buy new workout gear
  6. Buy new shoes
  7. Plan a weekend getaway
  8. Buy tickets to a show
  9. Call out of work
  10. Buy a new water bottle
  11. Go for a hike somewhere new
  12. Buy flowers
  13. Download a new song, movie, app or game
  14. Go to the movies
  15. Plan a night out with friends
  16. Hire a cleaning service
  17. Upgrade your headphones
  18. Try a new exercise class
  19. Book a few sessions with a personal trainer
  20. Buy a new piece of jewelry