While pregnant with my daughter I was very nervous about many things. I was a first time mom to be, this is to be expected. When it came to exercise I would workout 4-6 times a week. This was not too different from my pre-pregnancy workout schedule. The big difference was the type of workouts I would do.

I took a big step down in all my workouts. Minimizing my cardio and weight lifting. With new research and reports, there is more evidence that we do not need to modify as much as we think. We should  always take our doctors advice and always  listen to our bodies. However, now in my second pregnancy I am sticking to the same workouts I have always done and just modify as needed. I keep a close track of my breathing making sure I can complete a full sentence without being too out of breath. I push myself but don’t let myself feel too uncomfortable with any move.

Here is a quick little article I found with a little more info.