Our comfort zone is our safe place. We experience life with in our comfort zone when we eat, work, socialize and exercise. Do you like to try new foods? Talk to new people? Are you stuck in a rut a work? Have you hit a plateau in your exercise program?

It is not a bad thing to have a comfort zone. If we didn’t have one we would probably be walking around stressed all the time.

When we move or shift of zones we will experience some fear. And that is normal. Nervous what a new food will taste like. Fearful moving into a higher leadership role at work. Anxious in a new social situation. Uncomfortable doing a new exercise.

When we expand our comfort zone in exercise it allows for growth. It allows for your body to push itself beyond where it has been. You will not be able to lose weight or get more toned doing what you have always done. You may feel sore or exhausted. But that is where your growth is. To have new results  you must do something new. That does not just mean new exercises. That mean pushing your self for MORE in the exercises you are already doing.  Lift more weight, go deeper, go faster, stretch a bit more. Every time you do that you will get a bit more comfortable with being uncomfortable. And that is how you will expand your comfort zone.