Hi Justine! Welcome to your personal BFit Training Page.  Here you will find your unique workouts, stats, payment calendar, as well the BFit Video Gallery (where you can find video demonstrations of some exercises.) Also, remember each Sunday to complete Your Weekly Workout Log.

Amount Sessions Due Date Status
Regular Rate $35 2  4/19/2018 paid
Regular Rate $35 2 5/10/2018 due
$10 credit


Fit Test
 Exercise Duration
Push ups  21
Plank 1min 50sec
Jumping Jacks 31
Wall Sit 1 min 15 sec
Bicep Curls 14 black band
Hamstring Stretch -5.75″


 Chest 30″
Right Arm 7.75″
Left Arm 8″
Waist 24″
Hips 34.25″
Right Thigh 16″
Left Thigh 16″


Workout 1A
Exercise Duration
Warm Up
forward windmills 30 seconds
backward windmills  30 seconds
side to side rotation 30 seconds
wood chop march 30 seconds
straight arm jacks 30 seconds
standing pikes 30 seconds
squats 12 reps
leg extension R/L 10 reps
squats w/front kick 16 reps
squat jumps 30 seconds
push ups 15 reps
downward dog/plank 15 reps
downward dog/plank knee in 15 reps
pike press 30 seconds
side lunge L/R 10 reps
side lunge leg raise L/R 10 reps
lateral doggies 30 seconds
Bird dog w/knee crunch L/R 10 reps
superman 30 seconds
superman lat pull down 10 reps
plank twists 16 reps
spiderman plank 16 reps
floor mountain climbers 30 seconds
Tricep dips 15 reps
Hip ups 15 reps
Table top 30 seconds
vertical scissors 30 seconds
wideleg sit up 30 seconds
c sit in and out 30 seconds
c sit punches 30 seconds
Cool Down  
around the world stretch 4 reps
quad stretch L/R 15 seconds
cross body arm stretch 15 seconds
tricep stretch 15 seconds
bent over hamstring stretch 15 seconds
adductor stretch 15 seconds